SlimPort enabled LG G2 showing a game

Choose your Favorite

LG’s powerful G4 smartphone (left) is one of many SlimPort®-enabled devices that can boost your productivity. From phones and tablets to docking stations, there’s something for nearly everyone.
SlimPort VGA adaptor

Versatile Accessories

Accessory cables allow your SlimPort®-enabled mobile devices to connect with virtually any display. This VGA adaptor, for instance, connects with many older projectors and monitors.
Video Projector

Mobile Desktop – Use your phone like a PC

SlimPort® enables Windows Continuum so you can connect a keyboard and mouse to grant your phone PC-like powers.
video projector displaying work content

Mobile Presentations

Video projectors can be a conference-room nightmare if you’ve got the wrong interface. But don’t worry, SlimPort®-enabled mobile devices can connect with even the most stubborn projector.

No laptop? No worries. Just plug in your SlimPort®-enabled phone and you’ll be ready to dazzle any audience with your latest slides and statistics.